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Back in 1972, organic whole foods and non-pharmaceutical supplements were fairly new and flying low on the radar of public awareness.  For owner Joan Reardon, the discovery of eating healthy foods packed with nutrition were a life changing discovery she made when her youngest son Mark was born.

In 1978, Joan’s knowledge about everything organic, whole and holistic became not only her passion, but her life’s work when she opened The Natural Market in Ayer. Opening this store was a perfect segue from Joan’s career a registered nurse (she graduated from Faulkner Hospital and she holds a degree from Boston College).

The Natural Market moved to its current Groton location (the town’s former post office) in 1997 and has been helping people for 36 years. Customers arrive from areas within a wide radius; from Boston and the east, up to Nashua New Hampshire and other areas to the north, west and south.

Joan offers private consultation on every health and wellness issue. She can be reached at The Natural Market or at her cell 978.807.8182 She offers complementary initial private consultations. See more of Joan on LinkedIn.

Her son Eric Reardon is a certified clinical nutritionist with an office at The Natural Market. He provides complementary initial consultations. See more about Eric on this site as well as his website Contact him directly at 978.551.1321,

Muscle testing is conducted by Elisa Adams on most Friday & Saturday afternoons from 1-6PM. Contact her for your private session at or her cell at 781.640.8290.




148 MAIN STREET, GROTON, MA 01450   |   Phone: 978-448-5075   | 

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The Natural Market
148 Main Street

Groton, MA 01450

Phone: 978-448-5075
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