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Nature's Sunshine Headquarters


"I highly recommend Eric to anyone who is looking to improve their diet, health or understanding of nutrition.  Eric helped pinpoint subtle problems in my diet that were working against me.  He also educated me on the meaning of various lab tests and results in far greater detail than provided by my general practitioner.  Eric recommended supplements and modifications to my diet that made a big impact on my energy level, helped me avoid the afternoon slump, and significantly reduced several of the symptoms I had been having (digestive issues, weight gain, mood swings, etc).  He also educated me on additional testing, exercise and nutrition regimes to further enhance my health and well-being.  I really appreciated the detailed notes Eric took during my visits, and the level of preparation he put into each of our sessions."   - M.H.

"I came to Eric looking for help in losing those last pounds that even vigorous exercise couldn't shake off. And result exceeded my all expectations. Not only I was able to lose 10 pounds in the first 3 months, I also had more energy for all my physical activities. I actually started eating more, not less, and I still was consistently losing weight. Eric gave me an easy to follow system that helped me to develop healthy eating habits."   - M.K.


148 MAIN STREET, GROTON, MA 01450   |   Phone: 978-448-5075   | 

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The Natural Market
148 Main Street

Groton, MA 01450

Phone: 978-448-5075
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"For a long time no one would listen to me. I had extreme highs and lows, with either extreme or no energy and a huge appetite. Joan actually listened and was generous with her time. Within a few months I was a new person -my energy was excellent, I made good food choices, my appetite was stabilized an cravings gone. I was healthy and reborn. I have been a new person ever since. Joan is incredible"

- Iris Goldfarb, longtime customer

"I've been coming to The Natural Market for the last few years and I want everyone to know how Joan helped me improve my bone density. I am 66 and have osteoporosis. I was taking Fosamax and having side effects I came to the store to see if I could take something natural instead. Joan told me to use bone strength by New Chapter and Biosil. After 1 year of taking these I had a bone density test and my bone strength has really increased! I take them every day! I want to thank Joan!"  - Joan Murphy


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