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Collagen for the Best Skin and nails EVER

Best Skin EVER

Your best skin EVER - Ageless, Nourished, Protected & Improved Our skin regenerates itself every 27 days. It contains 3 layers, the epidermis (the top), the dermis (the middle) and the hypodermis at the base. Our skin is made up of 75% collagen, along with elastin and keratin. This collagen layer holds the epidermis and dermis together and maintains the skin’s structure. Collagen prevents wrinkles and unfortunately, at the age of 21, it starts to diminish by 1% each year. Elastin is responsible for the elasticity of skin and can prevent its sagging. Collagen is not something that can be applied externally; but taken internally; it works to repair aging skin and improve joints. >Biosil has been shown to ‘turn on’ the body’s actual collagen generating cells and in double-blind studies, it has demonstrated to enhance and repair damaged skin. >Vibrance, an orange-pineapple powder mix that has 10,000 mg. of collagen per scoop, is a powerful tool to rebuild skin and joints. >Doctor’s Best Collagen contains 1,000 mgs of collagen. >Hyaluronic Acid holds 300 times its weight in water and helps hold moisture to thinning and aging skin which in turn promotes greater elasticity. >Lysine is an essential amino acid which the body does not produce but which helps in the formation of collagen. >Biotin is actually a group of B vitamins also known as Vitamin H. This supplement is linked to increased keratin levels in the skin and the thickening of hair and the repair of thin brittle nails. >Vitamin C is an essential building block for our body to increase its levels of collagen and elastin while helping to diminish the effects of UV damage to skin. Other skin healthy supplements include omega-3 oils, B-complex, vitamins, A, D, E + the minerals zinc, selenium & silica. Moisturize at least twice daily Moisturizers are an essential part of skin care, especially those with UV protection built right in. Apply yours to the skin while its still moist from a shower or bath and rub in deeply to plump the epidermis layer. Our favorites include Argan oil which keeps skin dewy all day & night. Our superior skin care brands include Derma E, DeVita, Giovanni, Now, Earth Science, MyChelle & Jason. All are free of parabens, phthalates, & petroleum-based chemicals and do not test on animals. Protect from harmful UV rays Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and tanning beds are collagen’s worst enemy. Alexander Michels, PhD, explains, “Small amounts of UV light are good for you, helping your body make Vitamin D, but longer exposures to UV are harmful, damaging collagen and collagen-producing cells.” The Natural Market has a selection of toxin-free sunscreens from SPF 15 to SPF 30, for both adults and children. You are what you eat & so is your skin! Great skin starts with nutritionally dense healthy foods & plenty of fresh water. Choose foods that are rich in antioxidants. Lutein is found in dark leafy vegetables and Lycopene is contained in red fruits & vegetables. Both of these nutrients help the body produce more collagen. Because collagen consists of protein, be sure to get protein from safe sources such as protein powders.