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Sleep Well Protocol

Sleep Well

 To Prevent Cancer As long ago as 2001, a study found that nurses who worked the night shift had up to a 36% increase in their risk for developing breast cancer. The more years they worked the night shift, the higher their risk became. Why does this correlation make sense? Melatonin, our sleep hormone, is also an extremely powerful hormone in fighting against breast cancer, but only for women who go to bed early and sleep in a dark room. When night begins to fall, our pineal gland begins to produce melatonin, and as we fall asleep, the level goes much higher. Between midnight and one, an even higher spike in melatonin occurs, but only if we have been asleep for some time. Melatonin works with Vitamin D, making its cancer-resisting effects 2000% stronger. Sunshine and sleep, the two ends of the daily spectrum, both work to keep us healthy. For a good night’s sleep, you may want to add extra melatonin, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. Gaia’s Sleep Thru is a very popular combination for restless sleepers who fall asleep easily but wake in the middle of the night. Magnesium gel is helpful for those who have tight muscles or soreness in the lower back. Warm baths containing lavender and chamomile oils, a period of quiet prayer or meditation, an uplifting book, and other aspects of a relaxing nightly ritual will help you drift off into a good night’s sleep.